Saturday, July 12, 2014

Surabaya: Hotel Majapahit

I liked Surabaya for its energy: but there is no doubt that it is a relatively ugly city, with all the problems that poor cities tend to have: horrible traffic, overcrowding, chaos...Luckily for my spirits, our hotel was a real gem and the nicest place I saw in the city. I highly recommend a stay to anyone visiting Surabaya, especially because it is reasonably priced (under $100/night).
R likes the hotel too!
The Hotel Majapahit is one of the grand colonial hotels built by the Sarkies brothers (also responsible for the Raffles in Singapore and the E&O in Georgetown) and like the others has wonderful colonial architecture, all-suite rooms, and excellent service.

 The grounds provide a restful oasis from the intensity of the city, and the pool is a great break from the hot, sticky weather.

Classic car in the lobby

I loved the detailing especially
R in the garden with some bronze geese
I felt like our trip was almost worth it just to stay here!

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