Monday, September 1, 2014

Amped Trampoline Park

I had never heard of a trampoline park before my friend suggested taking our preschoolers there, but was up to try it. So we trekked all the way out to Katong (which is far, far away from my house, at least by Singapore standards) one morning.
The trampoline park is pretty simple: basically it's a very large room made up of interconnected trampolines instead of a floor, with padded walls. There is one corner containing a foam pit (like a ball pit, but with large pieces of soft foam instead of balls).
R in the foam pit: she LOVED leaping into this and did it over and over
I thought that R would find it kind of dull (because that is ALL there is) but instead she was totally enthralled. Both she and her friend leaped on the trampolines until they were exhausted and covered in sweat, and had the time of their lives.
They were among the youngest there, but the older children seemed to be having just as good a time. I highly recommend the experience to anyone with children, and now that they have opened a second location closer to my house, I think we will be returning soon! One thing to note is that advance reservations are usually required (easy to do online), so since the parks aren't centrally located, plan ahead to avoid a long trip for no purpose.
Rehydrating after an exhausting jumping session

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