Thursday, November 13, 2014

On My Mind Lately

1. We are going to the US for Christmas again, from December 8th to 28th. Last year the visit was a disaster, ending in me having a mental breakdown of sorts, so while I am looking forward to the trip I am also rather nervous. Hopefully things will go better this year! Things that are different: I've been in therapy for a year and am currently medicated on effective drugs; B and I are not constantly arguing; and we are staying in a hotel rather than with my parents in their very small house. This is all enough to make a difference and result in a wonderful joyous family bonding trip rather than mentally traumatic disaster, right?

2. Last year we did not make it to Japan due to the aforementioned mental breakdown, so this year we are going for ten days. We haven't finalized our plans yet, but right now are tentatively going to stay in the practically perfect rural onsen (hot springs hotel) we stayed at two years ago, as well as travel to the south to visit Hiroshima and the UNESCO sites there. I am really excited for this trip: B and I both love traveling in Japan, and now that R is a bit older it will be even more fun.

3. R is now in school five mornings a week. Two of those days she stays until 3;30. I now have a lot of free time! Originally I had hoped to fill the time with a second baby, but since things haven't worked out in that direction yet (I still have some mental progress to make before I am stable enough to contemplate having another baby), I am planning to start looking for part time work. I haven't worked in over three years though, so I am a bit nervous about the prospect. But it's also exciting to think about! I miss the clearly defined goals and positive feedback of work.

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