Wednesday, January 28, 2015

R in 2014

I spent most of last year either being or recovering from being mentally ill. Among other, more important, things, this meant blogging took a serious hit. I didn't blog at all for long periods (like nearly the entire first half of 2014) and only wrote 38 posts for the entire year. This means a lot of things didn't get blogged, including our trips to Myanmar, Phuket, and Vietnam; R's third birthday; most things about R's three-year-old self, etc.

I plan to blog about the trips separately, but for the rest here's a photo dump about R in 2014.
She loved pretending to go on trips in the mountains to find the Yeti: her obsession for a while was rescuing Chang (from Tintin in Tibet). All set here with snow boots, jacket and "noculars" (binoculars)
 Her third birthday party was at her preschool on a weekend
Everyone singing Happy Birthday to R: we had around 17 kids there plus their parents
Three Year Old R
With her birthday cake, a Hello Kitty one 
Blowing out the candles
She did it!
R at the SEA Aquarium: we got memberships here and visited many times
Swimming on Sentosa
At the zoo pretending to be a baby elephant: she loves elephants, maybe because Ami is one
Decorating a present for Father's Day: R chose this egg and spent a long time painting it
Visiting the fire station and getting to use the hose was fun
But pretending to drive the truck was her favorite part
We visited the offshore island of Pulau Ubin several times. Here's R with a coconut she found.
It's one of the few places she can experience nature in Singapore 
Running amok at the children's section of Singapore Botanic Gardens
Hugging one of her little friends: R has a large acquaintance because we are out so much 
At 3.5 years old
She loves swimming in the pool, which we can do almost every day thanks to the climate here
Me and R swimming
She became good at climbing this year and enjoys doing it at every opportunity
Playing at Labrador Park

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