Tuesday, February 3, 2015

R Learns to Swim

Enrichment classes for children are a huge industry in Singapore. Almost all Singaporean children take classes outside of school (known as "tuition") in various academic subjects. Art classes, music classes and language classes are all popular too. Personally I am not really a fan of children taking lots of extra classes, because unstructured playtime is so important to cognitive and social development. However, R does take swim class once a week since I want her to 1. be comfortable in the water and 2. not drown.
We take it at one of Singapore's many private clubs (in a very British way, Singapore has a great number of country clubs, sorted both by nationality, profession and institution: the American Club, the Swiss Club, the British Club, the Civil Service Club, the Ceylon Sports Club, etc. This one is the NTU Alumni Club), even though we aren't members. The location is convenient and the facilities are nice.
Class starts with some stretches and exercises. It is very humorous to watch R trying to do jumping jacks.
Then they practice kicking
and splashing around in the water playing ring-around-the rosy.
Then it's time to move to the deeper end of the pool, where they do some actual swimming.
R is pretty comfortable in the water and willing to dive right in.
Then she practices swimming back to the edge of the pool.
She still isn't "water safe" (meaning that she could be left to play unsupervised in the water), but she's getting there. I really like watching her swim around like a little otter.

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