Saturday, May 16, 2015

Updates: I Am Pregnant

I just learned I am pregnant with my second child. I am really happy about this, because I have been longing for a second one since R was around two-and-a-half (R is 4 now), and for the last year in particular. We actually started trying in December of 2013, briefly, but then I had my mental breakdown and all such plans had to be tabled until I was more stable. Since the beginning of this year I have been much better, but B was very hesitant about having a second child at this time. In the end I convinced him (mostly because he saw how sad not having one was making me, rather than because of the intrinsic merits of having a second child right now). We started trying a month ago and to my surprise (since I am 36, almost 37) I got pregnant immediately.

I didn't start blogging until R was already born, so I think it would be nice to record more permanently what being pregnant was like (at least the second time around). I also miss blogging and regret not recording R's current preschooler cuteness more thoroughly. She is a delight to both B and me, as well as one of our favorite topics of conversation (we are those people, who like to sit around discussing their children even when enjoying childfree time).

R is currently learning to swim (she can swim about six feet so far), write (so far she can only write Os, Es and Ts, but is trying her best), recognize letters and numbers, sing in Mandarin and cook (with her father's help: she recently made cupcakes for everyone in her class). She is outgoing, cheerful, energetic and confident, and while sometimes she tires me out or maddens me, she is a constant source of joy.

Since our trip to Japan, we haven't traveled much. We went to Malaysian Borneo for a stay at the Shangri La, which has an onsite nature reserve complete with baby orphaned orangutans, for B's birthday, to Batam's Holiday Inn for a weekend yet again, and to Phuket, Thailand for a long weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. All three trips were to fancy resorts, which while relaxing is not very exciting. We don't have any firm future travel plans yet, but we may go for an extended trip to the US this summer, followed by another stop in Japan, this time to Kyoto.