Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bad News at the Prenatal Appointment

I had my first doctor's appointment for my pregnancy yesterday, which included a scan of the developing embryo.

It did not go well. The pregnancy sac is measuring at 5 weeks, but according to my memory I should be around 9 weeks pregnant. Either I made a big mistake with calculating the pregnancy, or I have what is called a "failed pregnancy". I suspect it's the latter, though I have another scan and appointment scheduled for next week, when things will become more certain.

I feel sad and very disappointed. I so wanted to be pregnant, and was really looking forward to having a second baby. My fears about this pregnancy have come true. It also feels unfair, because I have suffered through multiple weeks of feeling pregnancy-sick, and now it turns out it was all for nothing. I didn't really have an emotional attachment to the embryo in itself, but to the idea of being pregnant I definitely did, and it is so deflating to realize what I longed for isn't going to happen, at least right now.

B points out there are some upsides to the situation, such as that now I will be able to visit my family over Christmas (before I would have been too pregnant). He also tells me that since I got pregnant so quickly the first time, I will probably get pregnant again soon and it will just be like it took a little while to conceive. He is right of course, and I am trying not to get too sad and discouraged, especially because it negatively impacts the rest of the family.

Disappointment and the end of a dream are hard to deal with sometimes, though.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. I went through a similar situation in May - they couldn't find a pulse. I had similar thoughts - those weeks of pregnancy-sickness weren't fun, and all for naught. I was also hoping my first pregnancy would be easy, but alas, it wasn't to be that smooth. Although, all things considered, it could have been worse on me and my body, so I am fairly philosophical about it now.

    I'm sorry though.

    1. Oh Kuri, sorry to hear that! Especially disappointing on your first pregnancy I would think. The good news for both of us is that it is very common and means nothing in terms of your ability to have later healthy pregnancies. So hopefully R can still have a sibling before too long.

    2. Thanks! Very true about the good news. Hopefully soon :)