Monday, June 15, 2015

Exploring Pulau Ubin

Ever since our first visit back in 2012, we often go to Pulau Ubin, a small, undeveloped island off the coast of Singapore. It feels like Singapore must have fifty years ago, before its exponential growth into a modern metropolis happened.
There is one small village on the island, Ubin Town. It houses a small temple, a few general stores and restaurants, and not much else.
The temple
One of the restaurants selling freshly caught seafood
Main square at Ubin Town. We usually get ice cream and fresh coconuts where the umbrellas are.
R chowing down on her ice cream
There's not much to do on Pulau Ubin beyond hike, bike, and admire nature. There are a number of endangered animals and birds on the island almost impossible to see elsewhere in Singapore. We've seen boar, junglefowl (the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken), monkeys, hornbills, and mudskippers.
R often complains about going hiking, claiming "it's boring". But once we get there, she generally has a good time. I feel like it's good for her to go, as otherwise she doesn't get much exposure to nature of any kind except the highly manicured sort. 

Due to Singapore's climate, we usually go in the afternoon to avoid the worst of the noontime sun, and stay until sunset, when we take the bumboat back to civilization and modernity. See you next time, Ubin!

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