Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Imaginarium at the Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum (which we have visited multiple times) has hosted an annual contemporary art exhibition for children for the last five years. We have been to the last three, and they have all been great shows for kids, with lots of cool interactive exhibits and projects.
This year the exhibit (entitled Imaginarium) is no exception: we have been twice so far, and had a fantastic visit each time. Most of the works are really interesting, like Chiang Yu Xiang's We Built This Estate!, a room full of Tetris-shaped giant building blocks kids can use to create massive structures (a huge hit with R).
Her other favorite, Lee Jeeyoung's Dream House, features a house reminiscent of the Hansel and Gretel witch's cottage, in that it looks like it's made out of candy. Inside is a huge bowl filled with "candies" (little cellophane-wrapped ornaments) which kids can take to the neighboring "forest" and use to decorate the trees. R spent about 20 minutes here (which for her is a loooong time) carefully hanging the candies. Such a creative and cool idea!
To accompany the exhibit, the museum hosts a whole slew of public programs giving children the opportunity to create their own artworks. On our second visit, we attended a workshop allowing R to make her own "house" out of different papers and glue, which she really enjoyed.
Overall, the exhibit is absolutely worth a visit if you have small children in Singapore, especially given the price (free if you are a citizen or permanent resident, $10 otherwise). Highly recommended!

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