Monday, June 22, 2015

Obsessed with Island Experiment

My latest obsession is playing the completely stupid Facebook game Island Experiment. I go through phases of getting interested in various games, during which I want to play them all the time and go to sleep at night thinking of them. Then rather suddenly I lose interest and the magic is completely gone (I think this is already happening with Island Experiment, thankfully).

For a while it was Dragon Age II. Then I got interested in Farmville (another completely stupid Facebook game), to the point that my mother and I (she was also obsessed) both created multiple fake Facebook personalities to help us play the game better. When I got my new phone I got into Candy Crush and even spent money on it (always a bad idea, but I really wanted to advance!!!).

Island Experiment is a lot like Farmville: you make different products and harvest them to advance--in Island Experiment's case they are building materials instead of food--and use the resulting resources to decorate your island. It is mindless and requires little skill, just lots of clicking and time. I find it very soothing and love looking at my little island advancing along from undeveloped countryside into industrial production center (the bias of the game is definitely pro-capitalism).

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