Friday, June 5, 2015

Saturday at the Zoo

We went to the zoo last weekend and had a good time seeing all the animals. Now that R is older and capable of appreciating the content better it is a lot of fun (though sometimes tricky to explain exactly WHY all the tigers are nearly extinct, what a bummer of a topic).
White tiger
R learning about how they kill tigers for medicine: she is sad
Making different tiger noises
At the animal show
Ducks in the animal show
The cute honey bear
R's favorite was the man-eating Komodo dragon: the idea of it devouring everything, including humans and its own babies was fascinating to her
He watched us with great interest, speculating on our taste I suppose
R pulling us across a pool at the playground: she is strong!
As usual, I don't have many good pictures of R from the day. She hates posing and I can't figure out how to portray her in photos successfully (so admiring of bloggers who succeed at this! how do they do it?). She is in constant motion and thus hard to capture. Here's my best attempt to get one picture of her:
R, hold still!
Weird fake smile
Say cheese!
R shrieking "Cheese!"
Saying it more softly
Best I got. Oh well. 

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