Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 37th birthday. When I was younger, my birthday was always a HUGE deal to me, probably because my parents, and in particular my mom, have always made a big fuss over birthdays. As I get older, though, my birthday has receded in importance to me and I almost forgot it was coming: I didn't bother planning a party or even a small get-together with my friends this year. I think planning one over-the-top birthday gathering annually (R's) is enough for me!

I spent the early morning at the doctor's office on my follow-up appointment for my D&C. Boring, but ultimately good as everything has healed well and I am more or less fully recovered. After that I went to get my hair done, which was sorely needed as it's been ages since my last haircut or color. Then I took myself out to a sushi lunch and read my new book (a gift from my parents), Ancient Greece: Everyday Life in the Birthplace of Western Civilization. So far it is excellent. In the afternoon I picked R up from school and now she is busy making me a raspberry cake with B. A pretty perfect day so far!

B and I don't really give each other presents (if I want something, I just buy it for myself), but we do tend to celebrate events with experiences (especially trips). He has a conference coming up in Kyoto, so we are combining business with pleasure and celebrating my birthday with a 2.5 week trip to Japan. We leave early next week and will be gone until the second week in August.

Being the procrastinators/spontaneous travelers that we are, we haven't firmed up our travel plans yet, but I think they will include a week in Kyoto, with side trips to Nara and Koya-san, and visiting Hiroshima and Osaka. I also want to visit Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), which is in the southwest of Honshu. I am definitely looking forward to the trip!

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