Monday, August 15, 2011

Little R Is Six Months Old

Today Little R turned six months old, officially half a year! She develops more every day, grabbing everything in reach, sitting for a hour at a time, hurling things on the floor, and vocalizing her pleasure, discontent or demands. She has started to lean way forward from a sitting position to grab objects that she wants, and I can see the beginning glimmers of crawling developing, which is so interesting (though a little daunting: it's going to be a lot more work once she is mobile!).

She still smiles and flirts with strangers and acquaintances, but has definitely developed a preference for me. She will look at me to see how she should respond to various events, or if she is feeling worried, and will cry if I am not there when she wants me. She also yells to summon me (as opposed to just crying from sadness), and whines when bored, uncomfortable or lonely. It is a little sad since she will often cry if I leave her with her father, because she misses me. Hopefully she will learn soon that he is just as good for security!

Little R's physical skills are still advanced. She is great at sitting, which she can do for hours at a time, and she rarely falls over. She can lean forward and backward, turn her whole body, and pick up all sorts of toys from this position. She also loves standing, though she still can't do it unsupported (she needs something to hold onto with her hands). She can roll, but still loathes being on her stomach, so she doesn't do it that often. She can also grab everything within a 18 inch radius, meaning I have to watch her carefully (since everything she grabs will end up in her mouth or on the floor).

We went through sleep training again after moving into our new apartment, and after a few days, little R returned to her schedule of sleeping 12 hours a night (though she often wakes up once or twice to eat), plus three naps. The last week she has not been taking her third (late afternoon) nap consistently, which makes me wonder if she is preparing to give it up. I would actually love it if she did, because then we'd have from 2 or 5 to 8 pm to go out and do stuff (since she doesn't nap well outside of her crib anymore). I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens. She's adjusted well to Singapore, and seems as happy as can be (except when she's tired).

We visited the pediatrician today for her six-month appointment. She is 50% for everything (height, weight, head circumference), which makes her a nice average baby. Her hair is red, her eyes are grey, and she looks most like her father (especially when she's serious). She is so far very healthy.

Nicknames: Fur, ZiZi, Furbopkin, Z__Fur Rabbit
Temperament: Happy, curious about everything, active, affectionate
Things I Could Do Without: You don't like it if I leave you with your father or anyone else: I want you to be happy with other people too! Also, you get bored or lonely for me after about 10 minutes of playing by yourself: I'd like it if you had a longer attention span.
Item/Toy We Love the Most: Your padded floor covering. Now that we have it, you can play for hours in a safe environment (where if you fall over, you won't injure yourself). It gives you a nice little area, and means I don't have to supervise you quite as closely.
Item/Toy You Love the Most: Anything I am using (straws, pens, food) has an immense attraction to you: you want to grab it and be just like me.
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: Watching you sit and play with your toys: you look so grown up as you sit cross-legged; your responsiveness to me (when I talk to you, you seem like you are really listening; when I do anything, you watch carefully, apparently taking notes); how you hug your elephant blanket every time you go to sleep; that you are almost always in a good mood
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Grabbing everything you can reach, and then sticking it in your mouth (still); practicing standing; sitting for long periods (you hate being on your back now); looking at yourself in the mirror

Foods You Like: You just started "eating" food, which really means playing with it, sticking it in your mouth, and then throwing it on the floor. (I am doing baby-led weaning, so you don't get any purees, but just small pieces of whatever we're eating.) You enjoy this process, although you haven't actually gotten much swallowing done. So far you liked cucumber sushi the most (though you didn't seem to like the seaweed wrapper).

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