Sunday, August 14, 2011

Craziness Ahead

The next couple of months are going to be rather intense. B leaves for a trip to Tokyo from 8/21 to 8/24, meaning I will be a single parent with no backup whatsoever (I better not get sick!); he has another conference on 8/25 and 8/26 (though in Singapore) so he won't be very available even after he gets back.

Then on September 2nd, the three of us (B, little R, and I) fly to the United States for a ten-day stay (during which B flies to Boston for a conference; B and I attend a wedding; and I attend my grandmother's funeral). The flight is 17 hours, with a two-hour layover (in Tokyo): I am not sure how little R will do now that she's older and more active.

Once we get back to Singapore, there's a brief break, before our friend A arrives for a visit from 9/27 to 10/5. For the last four days, we are all flying to Hong Kong (including little R). B will then be traveling to Beijing for a presentation, probably 10/9-10/12 or so. I am not sure if little R and I will be going (probably not).

Then, on 10/14, B's father will be arriving for an extended visit (until Nov. 1st). He just got divorced, so he's depressed and needy. He also is a high-maintenance guest in general with a lot of anxiety issues, some control issues (as in he has to be in charge all the time, even when this doesn't make sense), and a drinking problem (he must have a drink every afternoon and with dinner, or he becomes extremely tense and grumpy). B must be at work for much of his visit, so I will be in charge of entertaining him. I am a little nervous about that, since little R has a lot of needs (3 naps, her routine, inability to do anything for more than a few hours straight), and he is also quite needy yet not very understanding of others (he tries, but is just incapable). His trip will include a week-long trip to Bali with the 4 of us.

I suppose after that we will collapse in exhaustion (if B doesn't implode from stress first). At least until December: as we are probably going back to the US for Christmas/New Year. Little R is going to be a well-traveled baby: 5 countries (she and I are probably going to Malaysia with B's father as well) in 3 months.

Writing out this schedule makes it seem even more complicated than I was imagining.

The interesting question is, why did B and I decide that such a schedule would be a good idea? We seem always to live in a constant state of change, stress and complexity. I suppose we must enjoy the challenge?

B and I have already had a pretty busy year.
January: I was heavily pregnant so we didn't do much, especially given my high blood pressure.
February: B interviewed for a job he really wanted(so stressful!!); he didn't get it. I quit my job and gave birth.
March: We adjusted to having a tiny, helpless being to care for.
April: B had three work trips: to two different places in Connecticut and southern California, so he was gone for about 10 days total.
May: This month was relatively low key, except that we were going to be moving to Singapore July 5th, and thus we were both really busy getting ready.
June: I went on a trip to Seattle (without B): little R's first flight/trip. B and I left R overnight for the first time. We got ready for the move (there is so much work involved in an international move it is sickening).
July: Moved out of our apartment (reminding me how much I hate moving); flew to Singapore; B started his new job; we looked for an apartment (and found one eventually thank goodness); moved into this apartment; got visas, a bank account, cell phones, and furniture.

Is everyone's life like this or is it just me and B? I feel like we must be busier/crazier than most, but it's hard to know what the real circumstances of people's lives are. Maybe everyone is dealing with tons of stress/change all the time, just of a different sort.

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