Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress on New Year's Eve Goals, round 2

For 2011, I listed 10 goals. How is my progress going?

1. Have a baby (due Feb. 28)!
2. Read 50 books.. However, I haven't finished a book since we moved to Singapore, preferring to surf the web. Must re-focus.
3. Go to the gym at least 3 times/week.
This needs work. I am trying to get at least 30 minutes of exercise/day (walking doesn't count), but have not yet been consistently successful for more than a few days. Try again!
4. Return to my pre-baby weight (135 pounds).
I'm almost there: about 5 pounds heavier still. However, I am going to change this goal to weighing 125, which I feel is a better weight for me.
5. Blog at least 2 times/week.
I haven't been consistent with this either, although at times I have met the goal. The continuing goals are so difficult to follow through on!
6. Take pictures of me, the baby, my life (the move!) at least once a week. This I have done, although I wish I was a better photographer.
7. Spend one-on-one time with B. doing something fun at least once a week.
We do something fun at least once a week, but since I still don't have a babysitter here (must deal with my anxiety about leaving little R with a stranger) little R has to accompany us. We can only have one-on-one time at home after she goes to bed. This is super lame, so I need to suck it up and find a babysitter this week!
8. After the baby is born, take at least 1 hour/day for myself to relax. I probably spend at least 2 hours/day in me time. Yay for a baby who goes to sleep at 8 pm!
9. Visit a museum/park/cultural event once a week, before and after baby. So much to see in Singapore!
10. Call/visit family at least once a week. Actually, it's been more like twice a week, once for parents and once for sister.

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