Friday, August 19, 2011

Mexican Food in Singapore, and Shopping

Tonight B, little R and I went out for Mexican food. I was rather surprised that they even had Mexican food in Singapore, although I guess I shouldn't be: we've eaten Mexican food in Shanghai, Tokyo and Taipei too, and honestly Singapore is a lot more cosmopolitan than two of those places.

We went to Margarita's,which is not only a Mexican restaurant but is also quite near our apartment. The food was really good (beats the other Asian contenders most definitely) and pretty authentic, though not perfect (they put red onions in my taco salad, which seems a little odd). The chips and salsa were quite good, but the best thing was my margarita, which was really excellent. It also cost $16 sgd, but what can you do?

The restaurant was not quite what I expected, though, because it was really fancy/expensive. We got one dish and one drink each, and one appetizer to split, and the bill was about $70. I felt a little bit bad about taking little R there, since all the other diners were paying such high prices and thus probably wanted a quiet dinner. But the restaurant did have a supply of high chairs available, and the servers were all excited to see her (one even insisted on holding her for 5 minutes), so it's probably OK. I love that Singapore is so child friendly. I don't think that taking a six-month-old to an expensive restaurant in the US would win me any friends.

After dinner, we walked to Clementi Mall, which was packed, I suppose because shopping is what most Singaporeans do for fun. They say it's the national sport (funny because Chinese people are so completely unathletic). B wants to buy another new computer (electronic equipment is basically the only thing he ever wants to buy), this one to be paid for by his work. In order to have them foot the bill, he must get 3 quotes, so we shopped around while he tried to figure which would be best (he did not decide yet, unsurprisingly since he is so careful and cautious when making decisions, much to my impatient self's chagrin). Then we took a taxi home.

I do not enjoy buying electronic equipment (though I love using it). What I really want to splurge on is clothes, accessories and shoes. However, it is difficult to enjoy shopping with little R in tow. (I also wanted to wait until I lost some more weight before spending much on clothes. Maybe this is dumb though, and I should just buy some outfits now to make myself feel pretty.) I need a babysitter for this reason alone, so that I can spend money quicker!

I am planning to go shopping when we are in the US, since I know my parents will be delighted to babysit little R. I must think about what I want to buy, so that I can have a wardrobe, not just a bunch of disconnected items that don't match (really the current situation). I recently joined Pinterest, and will dedicate some time to coming up with ideas there. So exciting! Thanks B for making a good salary!

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