Saturday, September 3, 2011

US Trip: Day 1

We arrived in Walnut Creek all in a daze from exhaustion and jet lag. I felt so dizzy I nearly passed out from this and from not having eaten anything in 11 hours (thanks Delta for your non-allergy friendly food options!), but rectified the situation with some exciting American treats: salami, sourdough bread, and vegan cookies. We hung around the house until little R finally fell asleep.

Then B and I drove to San Francisco to visit his brother I, sister-in-law K, their two boys (ages 4 and 5), and his uncle M visiting from Missouri. I had only met M once before, about 10 years ago at I and K's wedding. He has been having a difficult time lately as his wife recently died from cancer, so he decided to take a trip around the country visiting family. Little R remained at home trying to recover from jet lag.

We had Thai food (take out), which was quite good, and returned home at about 7 pm. There was another wedding-related dinner scheduled, but we skipped it in favor of resting. We collapsed into bed but I did not stay there as little R couldn't sleep and cried and fussed off and on all night long. Day in the US is night in Singapore so adjustment is difficult.

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