Sunday, September 4, 2011

US Trip: Day 2

It was Saturday so both my parents were at home. We slept in until 1 pm (or in my case, went back to bed), while my fantastic parents amused Zizi. Then B went to the coffeehouse to work, and I drove off to San Francisco to get my hair cut and colored, something I was really excited about as my hair needs some love.

Unfortunately I spent literally 2.5 hours stuck in the worst traffic I have ever seen on the Bay Bridge in all my many years of living in the Bay Area, thereby completely missing my appointment. I didn't have a cell phone to call them either, so just went there, but they didn't have any openings left, and thus I returned home with ugly hair, having wasted 3 hours of my precious baby-free time (it only took 30 minutes to get home, since there wasn't traffic in that direction). I felt very sad about this, but Mom was properly sympathetic and managed to cheer me up (little R did her part too with baby smiles).

Later I picked B up from the coffeehouse, the whole family ate burritos (takeout), and then B and I drove to Palo Alto for pre-wedding drinks at a bar there. It took about an hour to get there, but we found the place quite handily (Google Maps is awesome within the US, even if it doesn't work in Singapore very well).

All our friends were very surprised to see us, as they knew we had moved to Singapore and only the bride and groom knew we were coming. We had a lot of fun chatting with everyone and left around midnight, arriving home at 1 am. Little R had been good as gold for her grandparents, eating bottles (and formula even: her first time!!) without any trouble. She compensated by waking up at 4:30 am and not going back to sleep despite my best efforts. Luckily Mom relieved me at 6 am so I could get some sleep.

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