Tuesday, September 6, 2011

US Trip: Day 4

Labor Day and I celebrated by sleeping in late again, until noon. Little R woke up at 7 am, but I was too tired to deal with it and made B get up instead. My sister came at noon so I arose and hung out with her and the rest of the family until B, little R and I left for San Francisco.

We met our friends T and M for lunch at the Pork Store Cafe on 16th Street. I had absolutely delicious crab cakes with poached eggs and toasted English muffins: the food in San Francisco is really so good. It was nice to see them as they are such interesting people: they've traveled all over the world; T is a engineer with a degree in transportation who designs ways to make cars more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly; and M does research on bird behavior (she's traveled to the Galapagos several times on field expeditions) and is going to do research at the California Academy of Sciences.

After lunch, we went to visit B's family (brother, sister in law, the two nephews, and his father). The kids played (supervised by B as the boys are really wild and unreliable around babies), the adults talked, and we had dinner (hamburgers and corn on the cob). It went much better than his family gatherings usually do, either because of the kids or because B's father just divorced his horrible second wife. Little R was in a great mood, charming the relatives, and even took a nice long nap there.

We arrived back in Walnut Creek at around 8: little R had a bath (her first since our arrival) and the rest of the bedtime routine, and was in bed by 9.

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