Wednesday, September 7, 2011

US Trip: Day 5

Little R slept through the night more or less, waking up briefly at 1 and 5 am to eat, and slept until 8:30! I think she has adjusted more or less, as that is her schedule at home. So I feel much better rested today.

After breakfast, B went to the coffeehouse to work, and I stayed at home with my father and little R (my mother had to go to work). We went to the library but otherwise took it easy, a nice change from the last few days of intense activity. Little R took her regular naps, so she was pretty cheerful and happy the entire time.

In the evening, B and my mother came home, and we had a dinner that my father prepared. Little R ate almost half a hot dog bun and some tofu, along with a few sips of watered down cranberry juice. My sister came over part-way through, and all of us hung out together chatting. B helped my mother buy a new laptop (for under $300! they are so cheap now) while I put little R through her bedtime routine. Then my mother and father ventured to Fry's to pick up the computer, and my sister left for home and her new beloved dog (and surrogate child) Clover.

Once my parents returned, I drove B to the coffeehouse, and then borrowed the new computer. My internet access is restored! (I foolishly did not bring my own laptop with me, and B has needed his basically constantly for work purposes.)

The rest of the week is probably going to be pretty busy too: visit to my sister's house, a hike, a hair cut and color (for real this time!), and dinner with friends tomorrow; a visit to Bolinas (perhaps) and B flying to Boston the day after; shopping for a new wardrobe for me on Friday; the memorial on Saturday, etc. It's all fun though.

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