Saturday, September 10, 2011

US Trip: Day 8

I was especially excited about this day, as it was the first day where I could do things I particularly wanted to (as opposed to fulfilling various social obligations). In the morning, I still had chores: I went to Citibank to open an account, and to Chase to close my account. Chase has terrible international service and policies: I have paid hundreds of dollars in the last couple months as a result, so was very anxious to bid goodbye to them permanently.

As always, this took longer than I had hoped/anticipated, and I wasn't done until 11:30. Then I fed little R, put her down for a nap, ate a quick lunch, and went out shopping with my mother and sister. I bought two nice tops and a pair of shoes, but was not able to get anything close to everything I wanted. My mother decided we should go home after a couple of hours, so home we went, where I fed little R, changed her, etc. Then my sister left and my mother and I went to San Francisco, where we were unsuccessful in finding her shoes, and did not have time to shop for me. I was too tired and worried about little R (who had been without me all day long), so we returned home, arriving at 7 pm.

I suppose next time I should go shopping by myself, because doing anything with others means spending a lot of time doing what they want. I really love my mother and sister, and like spending time with them. But honestly at this point I just feel really selfish and like focusing solely on what I want to do (perhaps because otherwise it's all about B and little R), and so I think I would have enjoyed it more solo. Sadly, I don't think I will really have more time to go by myself, so my wardrobe will not get the overhaul it needs. Very disappointing. It was nice to spend time with them though.

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