Friday, September 9, 2011

US Trip: Day 7

Another rather stressed/tense day due to scheduling issues. I asked my mother to wake me up at 8, but she didn't, meaning I got a late start to the day. I went to the coffeehouse with B to help him prepare for his upcoming presentation, which was tedious but necessary as he was really nervous. Then I gave him a ride to the BART station, so that he could catch his flight to Boston. Unfortunately, I was supposed to leave for Bolinas at 10 am, which I had to postpone to 11 am due to the previously mentioned late start, and because B is slow, it actually was more like 11:30.

Then my sister was late, so we didn't arrive in Bolinas until 2 pm. Since it takes over 2 hours to get home, we weren't back until 6 pm, past little R's comfort level, and so she cried and fussed for many minutes on the way home. It was nice to see my aunt though, and she fussed very much over little R, and was generally delighted with her. She is disabled and can't drive or walk much, so if we hadn't gone, she wouldn't have been able to see little R. I suppose it was a good deed, but it left me feeling exhausted and drained. Four+ hours in the car with a fussy infant is too long.

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