Tuesday, October 11, 2011

B in Beijing

B is in Beijing on another business trip (giving a presentation again: these high flying academics!). He's only there for 3 days, so I decided not to go (especially since the required visa for China now costs about $200 for US citizens: yikes!). I don't feel as sad about him being gone as I did last time, maybe because Beijing isn't as nice as Tokyo. (Although the food is better: I do envy B that!)

I still don't like it much, though. It is sad not to have my darling B with me, even if we do talk every night (thanks Google chat!). And of course caring for little R without another adult to take over if necessary can be difficult.

Today actually went quite well. In the morning I went to the Mothers' Group and chatted with all the other expat mothers (and admired their babies, although of course I secretly always feel sorry for them since little R is so much cuter! I am sure they feel the same.)

In the afternoon, little R had her first swim lesson. I wasn't sure how this was going to go since she isn't even eight months old yet. But it was fun (and a good length, only 30 minutes). The very peppy instructor sprinkled plastic ducks around the pool, and little R (with me steering her) had to "swim" around and pick them up. Then we sang and danced in the water. I thought I would feel stupid, but since all the other adults were doing it I didn't. Little R practiced having water dripped or splashed on her head, and then being quickly swished through the water (though her face remained above the waterline). She was a little scared at various points but for the most part seemed to enjoy it. So I think I will sign her up.

We had dumplings for dinner and little R ate two and a half! She loves them. The cooked vegetables weren't as popular (most ended up on the floor).

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