Monday, October 31, 2011

Finally Home!!!

We got back to Singapore early this morning (it was a 6:20 am flight so we had to leave our hotel at 3 in the morning: so painful), after a week in Bali, and three days before that in Malaysia. I will be recapping the trip over the next few days, once I have some free time (ie little R is in bed sleeping). Basically we saw and experienced many amazing sights and ate some great food. Highlights: swimming at sunset on the perfect tropical beach; live performances of Balinese dance; and hiking through rice paddies in the idyllic Balinese countryside. The downside was that much of the trip took place in the company of B's father, who drove me completely up the wall. I even lost my temper and yelled at him (after he implied that little R was a burden who was ruining his ideal vacation); oddly, his behavior improved afterwards, perhaps because he didn't want to antagonize me further. Chronicling his ridiculousness will be satisfying in a sick sort of way (as in real life there is no way to deal with it except endurance).

Both B and I are so glad to be home, with just the three of us in our little family. I think little R is too; she actually really enjoyed traveling, especially swimming in the ocean and attending gamelan concerts. But of course it's also stressful for her to miss naps, stay up late, sleep in strange places and be held by many different strangers (she is extremely popular and SE Asians have a different attitude about interacting with strangers' babies than Americans).

I am looking forward to settling back down to my routine, and to a period of not traveling (at least until mid-December, when we go back to the US for Christmas). It will be the calmest things have been since we moved to Singapore in July, surprisingly enough!

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