Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little R's First Illness

The day that we returned from Bali, B developed a bad cold and has been sick ever since (he has just started to recover). Not surprisingly, little R got the cold too and has been sick for the last two days, especially yesterday. It is the first time she has been ill since she was born (unless you count her jaundice, which was over in a couple days), and it is so sad to see her rubbing her little stuffy nose.

She's had a mild fever and is generally a bit lethargic; even her toys aren't as fun as usual. Mostly she wants me to hold her constantly, which means I can't really get anything done. She also doesn't sleep well: she woke up every hour or two last night, crying sadly. It must be very confusing to experience being sick for the first time: I wonder what she makes of it. I hope she gets better soon, both for her own sake and mine (I miss my cheerful and low maintenance baby!). She seems better today, so hopefully by the weekend will be back to her old self. I hope B will be too, as when sick he takes prizes in immense self-pity (especially when he is not actually that sick and thus has the energy to feel sorry for himself). I am just crossing my fingers that I don't get sick too!

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