Friday, November 4, 2011

Care Package

I just received a care package from my beloved father. It contained: two boxes of vegan cookies (I'm allergic to milk so that's the only kind I can eat); a book about children's psychological development (with inscription "I bought this not because I thought you needed it, but because it sounded interesting"); a stuffed frog for little R; two of little R's outfits I accidentally left in California; and a bag of halloween candy (with my very favorite mellocream pumpkins: man I love those!).

One package of the vegan cookies had been opened and came with this little note: We Regret to inform you that a Cookie Tax was levied. (My dad loves cookies too.) He cracks me up!

I really miss him and my mother. This is the worst part about living in Singapore. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them again in December!


  1. I LOVE care packages. They aren't just for college students, everyone needs one now and then.

    question: why don't you post pictures in your blog posts?

  2. I post pictures sometimes but not usually because:
    1. I am a very bad photographer so my photos aren't pretty like yours or other bloggers.
    2. it takes longer and I am a little bit lazy.
    3. I like to fancy myself as anonymous online (of course I know this is an illusion but it helps me be more honest); also my husband wouldn't like his picture/name all over the internet due to his job.