Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little R's Wardrobe

One of the supposed benefits of having a girl is that then you get to dress them in a wider variety of cute clothes, like a living doll. As a child, I loved dolls (and used to save up my allowance money to buy the expensive Madame Alexander ones I preferred), so I assumed that I would also love dressing up my baby.

However, this has not been the case at all. She does have some cute clothes, but for the most part the cuter the clothing, the more impractical it is. I only like dressing her in clothes that are 1. easy to take on and off (so they must have diaper snaps and few or no buttons) and 2. easy to move in, since she wants to be active and practice her skills (so pretty much all dresses are out, as she has a hard time crawling in them). My mom bought her some high-end baby wear in Paris (like a Dior shirt) and little R has only wore most of it once due to the impracticality issue. In addition, we live in Singapore, where it is about 80 degrees every single day of the year, so sweaters, layers, socks, hats and coats are all useless.

Basically little R just wears onesies: she wears one to bed, and then into the next day until she gets it dirty. She goes through 2-3 each day, since I don't usually bother with a bib when she eats (the food gets all over anyway). I thought I should be a mother who was more concerned with her child looking cute, so I went to Baby Gap and bought her a dress (full price too!). But when I dressed her in it, she cried because she kept tripping over the hem as she tried to move around.

So I give up. I will just be a mother with a daughter who only wears (sometimes food stained) onesies. Maybe it will give little R a healthy disregard for appearances?

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  1. I was totally the same with Kayla over the mom even made fun of me since all she ever wore were onesies! I have adorable dresses/fall outfits I put her in if we leave the house, and she now needs to have something covering her diaper since she can take off her cloth diapers! :) Simpler is they grow out of it so fast!