Monday, November 28, 2011

Banana Baby

Lately little R has been eating like a champion. She started on solids at 6 months, but for a long time "eating" meant tasting food and then throwing on the floor (or smearing it all over herself). Now she will attack her food with great gusto and concentration, and if it's something she likes, most of it will end up in her mouth. (In fact, that's one way to tell if she enjoys the taste: the floor referendum.)

Her absolute favorite food at the moment is bananas. When she sees one, she gets very excited and waves her arms up and down while saying "Mmm! Mmm!" We usually give her baby bananas from the Philippines (they are about half the size of the typical American banana), and she can eat an entire one in a minute or two. Then she will often demand more, pounding her hands on her high chair tray.

Today she ate 4. I think she would have been happy to eat more, but I was concerned that eating so many bananas would make her sick (or give her diarrhea since they are full of fiber), and cut off her supply. I am not sure if this is paranoia, or if I should just go with it and let her turn into a monkey.

Durr I keep forgetting this:
--Exercise: 1 hour gym.
--Diet: Breakfast: Guava and focaccia with jam (NB: not a good combo); Lunch: Vegetarian sandwich (tofu, onions and tomato sauce) and a peppermint frappucino; Snack: 1.5 bananas, one packet gummi bears; Dinner: Homemade tomato sauce and pasta
--Other: Had a frappucino; drank over 8 glasses water.

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