Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monkeys in the Parks

One of the cool things about Singapore is that, because it's in the tropics, the animal and plant life is very different here from what I had been used to. In the larger public parks, you can frequently see wild monkeys (Long tailed macaques), which are native to Singapore. They are not at all afraid of humans; in fact, the reverse is true and it is unwise to go to the park with food, as the monkeys may attack you for it. As long as you don't have food, they will not bother you and nonchalantly saunter by to collect fruit or Fritos (depending on their available resources of trees and garbage cans).

They seem to be thriving despite all the changes in their environment: every monkey troop I've seen (they live in large groups of 20 or so) had a very large number of baby monkeys, with almost every female carrying one. The baby monkeys are especially cute, but it looks very inconvenient for the mother monkey, who must haul such a heavy burden everywhere. I wanted to start a charity to give all the monkeys little carriers (since I like mine so much), to help them on their travels.

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