Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Back Into Reading

I have always loved books. Even before I could read, one of my favorite things to do was look at picture books. I learned how to read (taught myself) when I was four. I can still remember looking at one of my children's books as usual, when suddenly the words came together and made sense. It was incredibly magical. I read the whole book through and understood every word except one (it was Friendship, which was a little long for me). I told my mother but she didn't believe me until I proved it to her by reading the cereal box label (I suppose because I was rather young).

Since then, I have never been without my beloved books, even when traveling or living in foreign, non-English-speaking countries. In 2002, I started recording the books I read (although there have been some gaps in there), and have averaged at least 150 books a year. Some of these were sort of trashy or "light reading" (like lots of Agatha Christie) but for the most part I try to read either serious nonfiction (history and psychology are my favorites) or serious literature.

Sadly, when we left the US in July I stopped reading. I read nothing at all for three months! And in September, I read only two books (both of which were parenting books: I am of course interested in parenting but because I have many other interests, I don't want to become someone who only thinks of herself as a mom). I think the move was so stressful that I just couldn't focus well enough to finish anything. This makes me sad, because reading is such an important part of my life and self-image, and because it makes me happy.

Now I am starting to read again (part of my self-improvement quest), and have completed three books so far this month. I plan to continue reading until I'm up to at least 10 for the month (which is sort of my minimum self-imposed standard).

Weight Loss Progress (for yesterday, since today isn't over):
--Exercise: 1 hour at the gym
--Diet: Breakfast: taro buns; Lunch: ham sandwich; Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce (homemade). I need to eat more vegetables. Drinks: two glasses lime juice, a frappucino.
--Other: Drank probably 6 glasses water: this goal is really hard for me. One frappucino: it's hard to give them up as it's a little indulgence which improves my mood whenever I'm  feeling stressed, even though they are bad for me (my cigarette equivalent perhaps?). I think I'm not going to focus on it right now though since there are so many other things to worry about.

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