Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our House in Singapore

I have always regretted not taking pictures of our various apartments (especially the one in Taiwan with the deck overlooking the park) because it's such a great way to remember your life at that time. Today I got my act together and took some pictures of this apartment.

The entry way: it's very tight. The black thing is the shoe cabinet (like everyone else in Singapore, we don't wear shoes at home). Little R's stroller lives here so the rest of the house won't get dirty.
Hedgehog and rabbit doorstops: we need four because the door is so heavy.
The view from the entry way: the bikes are here as B bikes to work every day. The door to the left is the third bedroom.
The guest bedroom/B's office. He does most of his work in the living room unless he is manipulating data.
The bed: it's just on the floor (this was our bed in the US and we have never had a frame for it)
B's computer center: he has two screens for better Excel table usage. Also many fans since he hates being hot.
Continuing into the apartment: here's the hallway (Little R is crawling around as usual). All the breakable/non baby friendly items on the bookcases are up high so I don't have to worry about it when she pulls them off (one of her favorite activities).
The dining area. The couch and dining set came with the apartment; everything else is from Ikea.
We have a nice view of the harbor and Pacific Ocean. Most of little R's toys are here: although she prefers to play with household items most of the time, I keep buying her new ones. The ugly green padding makes it a safe place to play.
Another view of the living room with more Ikea stuff: the scroll is from Taiwan and the pillows from Yunnan though.
From another angle: behind the glass is the kitchen. I love knick-knacks obviously.
The kitchen: we don't have a stove or a dishwasher (because it's assumed you will have a maid).
Other side of the kitchen: through the glass door is the laundry area/balcony. The refrigerator is very small compared to American ones though since we don't eat at home much it doesn't really matter.
The balcony. Here is our washer/dryer and also two rooms for the maid: the bedroom/bomb shelter and the bathroom. We don't have a maid so basically we never use them. I do a lot of laundry though.
The maid's room which we use for storage: our rugs are in here (sad) due to their replacement by green padding. Maybe when little R starts walking they can return.
The maid's bathroom: not very nice. I store cleaning supplies here.
Back in the house, the main bathroom off the living room. We have one off the master bedroom, so this is more for guests.
The second bedroom is little R's room with her crib and changing table. Other than sleeping, eating, and getting her diaper changed, she spends almost no time here though.
The view from little R's room (it's our swimming pool and nearby park).
Little R's bookcase and the boppy: she still doesn't like books except to eat but I keep trying.
Our bedroom. My deceased grandmother made the needlepoint: it represents me (reading of course!). The stuffed animals are actually mine not little R's (I keep hers in her room or the living room).
The view from the bedroom is pretty good too. The chest is a Victorian antique my parents gave me for my birthday: it's lined with purple velvet. The picture is from Ikea of course (but I do like poppies).
Another view of the bedroom. I bought the little rug in Ashland at a going-out of business sale; it's from Uzbekistan.
The master bath: a little bit messy. Little R takes her baths in here as none of the other bathrooms have a tub: thus the alligator bath mat and bath toys.

My decorating isn't the best, but the apartment is certainly quite nice. I love the view in particular. The level of tidiness (or messiness, depending on your point of view) is pretty typical in the morning or after 9 pm: by early evening, little R has usually left a bunch of stuff on the floor though.

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