Monday, November 21, 2011

Weight Loss Failure

I'm feeling discouraged with myself today, because over the last week I really lost momentum on my weight loss/healthy living efforts. I hadn't exercised in 4 days, I had a frappucino today AND yesterday, I've been eating badly, etc. So unsurprisingly I haven't lost any weight or gained any physical fitness.

I always have a long list of things to improve about myself, sort of ongoing personal improvement projects. While in a way this is good, because I am trying to better myself, I tend to be very self-critical. When I slack off for whatever reason, instead of doing the correct thing (which is just simply recommitting to my goals with renewed vigor), I beat myself up instead and decide that there's no point in trying further, since I have failed already. Obviously this is the best way to assure failure, but rationality is not my strong point when upset.

HOWEVER, (as part of additional self-improvement) I will not give into my internal demons of bad advice. Instead I will listen to the good angel on my shoulder and reapply myself to the positive changes I need to make. To that end, I went to the gym today (even though B had to practically shove me out the door: thanks sweetie!). Also: recommitting to my list of goals.

--Exercise: Gym plus 30 minutes+ of walking.
--Diet: Breakfast: Focaccia with olive oil and vinegar; Lunch: Tonkatsu (breaded Japanese style pork) with sides of shredded cabbage, miso soup and rice; Snack: Goat cheese sandwich on focaccia; also some of R's cheerios; Dinner: 4.5 steamed pork dumplings and a side of cooked lettuce with garlic (Chinese style); Drinks: bubble tea, cocktail, chocolate soy milk, frappucino
--Other: did not drink 8 glasses water; one frappucino consumed

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