Thursday, December 29, 2011

There's Nothing Like Family

Flying to California from Singapore is really painful, especially with a baby. And it's somewhat stressful to be here, as my parents' house is small and we are all thrown out of our routine. B has trouble getting his work done, I eat all kinds of unhealthy food and feel fat and sick, we both don't get enough exercise, little R has to sleep in a strange environment. I also loathe the cold (I know California is relatively warm, but I am a wimp and miss my tropical climate) and driving everywhere (my parents live in a suburb).

But I am so glad we came, not just because I can see my beloved family every day, though that is wonderful, but because my parents and sister love little R so much. She is the cynosure of every eye, and is constantly doted on and admired. It makes me so happy to see how much they appreciate and value her. They revel in every little accomplishment and idiosyncrasy, and watching their faces as they interact with her gives me a very special and irreplaceable sort of pleasure.

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  1. Our flight/travel over Cheistmas was nothing like yours, and I think the trip to Poland is even a bit shorter, but on both trips to see our families this year I turned to husband and said "This is so worth it. He brings our families so much joy."