Monday, January 2, 2012

China Is So Tacky

Chinese taste always baffles me. In the usual competition of Chinese cities to be the most modern and impressive, Chongqing has decided to construct a 900+ feet building, in the shape of the Chinese character for person. Cleverly, it also resembles one of the characters for Chongqing.

I can't remember ever having seen a tackier and more ridiculous-looking building (and I used to live in Shanghai, home of the hot pink Pearl Tower so that is saying something). This is an excellent demonstration of why bureaucrats shouldn't be allowed to make any aesthetic decisons (and perhaps also a partial explanation of the extreme ugliness of most Communist architecture?).


  1. haha doesn't this picture remind you of a scene in the movie Titanic? That's what came first to my mind. ;-)

  2. You are so right. I wonder if that was intentional (the movie was really popular there)?