Friday, March 16, 2012

B Has a Birthday

Yesterday was B's birthday. Typically he hates all birthdays/holidays (or rather, is indifferent to them), but since I like holidays we celebrated anyway. I got him a bicycle seat for little R, a helmet for little R, and inner tubes for his bike, so we can go biking together as a family (this is something he really likes, so unusually it was a fairly good present).

To celebrate, we got a babysitter and went out for Mexican food at Casa Latina, a surprisingly delicious restaurant in the central city area. It was pretty authentic food-wise (the mole poblano in particular was absolutely stunning, one of the best I've had), if expensive. B was happy because we had good news about our taxes, so for once he didn't mind spending a bunch of money.

After dinner, we went for drinks and a hookah at Haji Lane, an area known for its trendy clothes boutiques and semi-hipster vibe (they even have a fake graffiti wall, since in actual life Singapore has no graffiti whatsoever). I had a mojito, which was made with calamansi fruit instead of the usual limes--really good, even though our bill came to $50. Good thing I don't like bar-going that much: it's an expensive habit in Singapore!
We had a great time talking and hanging out together, and B actually enjoyed his birthday for once. He certainly deserves it for all his good qualities. Even after almost 15 years together (yikes, really???), he is my most favorite person and best friend.bI love you darling B!

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  1. happy birthday!

    I LOVE my birthdays :) Must be because I love presents :)