Saturday, March 17, 2012

Life Is Unfair

A common belief is that "everyone has their own gifts". We all know that life is easier for the beautiful or socially skilled. But people tend to console themselves for this undeniable fact by believing that while X may be more attractive, he or she is probably also vain, shallow, or rather judgmental.

Unfortunately, this comforting belief is not true. Attractive people are also more accepting and psychologically balanced. They are also more intelligent. Of course, they are also paid more and are more successful in work. That's probably because people like them better, even as children.

Basically, there are super-people: the attractive, intelligent, healthy, dynamic and likable elite; and the losers of life: unattractive, dull, prone to disease, likely to commit crimes (criminals are on average less attractive than the general population), and disliked, even by their own parents.

I find this depressing. It also makes me want to consider plastic surgery (or at least definitely losing those last few pounds!).

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