Sunday, March 4, 2012

Off to Tioman Island

It's official! We are going to Tioman Island for a few days in about three weeks.
This village is very near to where we are staying
 Our hotel is right on a private beach, so I anticipate a lot of lazing around in the sand (or in beach furniture), drinking Tiger Beer, and getting some reading done (they do have wireless internet but I will not bring my computer to encourage this). We like hiking, so I think we will go for some walks in the jungle which borders the resort. Animals on Tioman include the mouse deer, binturong, giant flying squirrels, and palm civets, along with 138 species of birds.

Hopefully this will be me!
Tioman is also famous for its diving, so I think we will do some snorkeling as well. I've only been once before (in Langkawi) and the reef there was not in particularly good shape, although even so it was magical. Tioman should be even more exciting!

It will just be nice to have a change of pace and relax in naturally beautiful surroundings. I think little R will have a good time too; she loves sand, swimming and spending lots of time with her parents.


  1. That looks beautiful! Hope you have a great time.

  2. So excited for you! It must be nice to live in a place where exotic destinations like that are hop and a skip away. I guess the tradeoff is being far away from family :)

  3. Have a blast! That looks incredible!

  4. Thanks all for your good wishes! I am excited.

    Close proximity to many cool destinations is one of the great things about Singapore (India, Australia, the Maldives, China, Indonesia, etc.). It is sad about our families though; to visit them takes a day just of flying, which is really hard.