Wednesday, April 4, 2012

101 in 1001: March Progress

I had several goals to meet in March:
  • Complete photo album of little R's first year: no, but I'm working on this (more complicated than I thought). Will move to April.
  • See a doctor for my heartburn: no, because I am avoiding it (I am afraid of what they will say).
  • Hire a professional to do our taxes: yes!!
  • Day Trip to Pulau Ubin: yes!!
  • Exercise five days a week for a month: no :(
This performance was better than last month, but still not very good. The real problem was that I didn't feel like doing two of these goals at all. There is a mismatch going on here between Aspirational Grace and the actual one running around Singapore. I am not sure whether it's better to give up, and embrace the real Grace, or try harder to become an improved version of myself. My tendency is to pick the second, so I guess I will see how I fare in April. Hopefully better.

Goals for April:
  • Send family cards via mail, either for a reason or no reason (at least 5)
  • Buy life insurance for B (at least $1 million)
  • Lose 15 pounds (weigh 125 pounds) (am not sure if this is actually doable, but we will see)
  • Complete photo album of little R's first year
  • Exercise five days a week for a month (hopefully this will help with the weight loss goal!)
I am postponing the doctor's visit for now.


  1. I have heartburn almost everyday. They say to avoid fatty food in the evening, and to take some sort of daily medicine, like omniprazel (I think that's what its called.). I sucked at remembering to take pills... so I just take a tum if I feel uncomfortable.

    1. I used to take that medicine too. But when I was pregnant I had to stop taking it; apparently if you are breastfeeding you can't take it either (and I still am; that's another post I suppose).

  2. Just wanted to say hello, and that I admire you for making goals every single month.

    I am doing low carb dieting and have found my heartburn has gone away, probably because my diet is limited to green vegetables, eggs, meat, fish. Though fifteen pounds is not much weight to bother with low carb, but it could work as a heartburn experiment.

    Yes, it is MUCH easier to make 'helpful' suggestions than to even think up goals of my own, let alone achieve them. Well done, any goal at all is a big step up from none!

    1. Hi Julie!

      You are so right that diet is key. The problem is, I don't really want to change my diet (whine whine whine). I should avoid fatty foods, acidic foods, and my true love caffeine. Maybe if I can get myself motivated though? It really is the best idea.

  3. Can I ask why you're worried what they'll say about your heartburn? I had terrible heartburn about 5 years ago- I went on prilosec for about 2 years. It really helped a lot. I also got a stomach endoscopy to make sure there was nothing else- but it was clear.

    1. I'm mostly worried they'll order me to change my diet (which I don't want to do, stupid I know). My mother (a nurse) also told me that uncontrolled heartburn can cause cancer. She was trying to scare me into doing something about it but it seems to have had the opposite effect.