Wednesday, February 29, 2012

101 in 1001: February Fail

Last month I posted about the specific goals I was going to accomplish in February:

Day Trip to Pulau Ubin
Exercise five days a week for a month
Give up all caffeine for two weeks (really)

I didn't accomplish a single one. Wahp wahp.

I did make some progress on other 101 in 1001 goals (including continuing to save money, taking little R to her classes, and reading some books). But overall my performance this month was not very good. I didn't even lose any weight (though I have mostly maintained the weight I've lost so far).

Reasons for this dismal performance include:
--illness. B was sick for the first two weeks; then little R got sick on her birthday and was ill for the next week or so. Then I got sick, and am only now getting better.
--marital bickering. B being sick made me grumpy, as he was not helpful at all during this period (spending a lot of time ill in bed instead). His sickness meant he got behind in his work, so as soon as he was better he had to spend all his time catching up: no family fun or house chores in the cards. So we had a lot of fights about how unsupported I felt. (Writing this out makes me look like a pretty selfish person: yikes! I am trying to work on this.)
--laziness. Sometimes I was too sick to exercise, but for the most part I just didn't feel like it.

I have three new goals for March, and will reuse two of the February ones (I am not ready to give up my caffeine indulgences):

Complete photo album of little R's first year
See a doctor for my heartburn
Hire a professional to do our taxes
Day Trip to Pulau Ubin
Exercise five days a week for a month

I can do it! Try, try again: or as the Chinese say "Jia you!" (literally means add oil, which I think is so funny).


  1. Did you know that caffeine aggravates heartburn? And high acid foods?

    (I haven't accomplished many of my goals this month either :)) Lissa

    1. Yes. I went on a strict diet two years ago (no greasy or acidic foods, alcohol, coffee, etc.) and it really fixed my heartburn (until I got pregnant). Honestly I should do it again. But it was so hard because everything I wanted to eat/drink was basically forbidden (chocolate, mayonnaise, tomatoes, almost all juices...). I have to have a lot of willpower to make myself do it!

      Giving up coffee at least would be the sensible thing to do, but I can't face it. It's one of my most beloved indulgences. I want to see the doctor to make sure I haven't injured myself from constant heartburn (my nurse mother keeps telling me it can cause cancer); then in a few months I will have to go back on the diet of misery to fix the problem.

      Thanks for the reminder though! Sad that the best answer is always "change your lifestyle to be healthier", and that there is no magic pill. Maybe someday?

  2. I know what you mean about the "change your lifestyle". I am also a RN and patients always have the sad face when that is what i want to talk about :( Are you able to get over the counter nexium or prilosec there?

    I thought about your phone story today: My daughter was at an interview in NYC and her cell phone fell out of her pocket in the taxi. She didn't realize until she got to the interview. The GPS tracked it all over the city--having exciting adventures--but as she had it on silent, her attempts to ring through on it didn't generate a call back. Sadly, the battery is likely dead now. But we still have hope! Many years ago when she was a college freshman she lost her wallet in NYC and a stranger went to a lot of trouble to make sure it was returned to her in Rhode Island. Lissa

    1. Last time I looked into it, I was told I couldn't take Prilosec while breastfeeding (little R still nurses 4 times/day). Hopefully in a few months I can take it again?

      I hope your daughter finds her phone soon!