Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little R Is Fifteen Months Old

In Penang: this hat stayed on for approximately 10 seconds
Using a straw to drink kiwi juice
She can now kick and throw a ball (though not well)
Loves the slide, backwards, forwards, up or down
Another love: stairs
Running around at the baby play gym
All the activity resulted in serious injury
Listening to music at the National Museum
Mostly she hates the stroller now
But she will walk for hours
Fun with Grammie on a boat ride
With Pa at the Bird Park: she's really interested in animals now
At a temple in Malacca
The only way to keep her quiet during dull times is to let her play with my wallet: that's my ATM card!
Preparing to clamber up: good morning!
Darling little shoes I bought in Malacca
They stayed on for a minute, maybe
Communing with a dog friend
Little R's growth doesn't follow a linear pattern: some months I feel like not much happened, and then suddenly she matures overnight. This month was one of immense growth physically (she's tall for her age now) and more importantly in behavior. She really understands almost everything we say now (which isn't completely a good thing when I'm saying things that are not R-appropriate), and can follow most simple instructions.

This month was a busy one: we visited Penang and Malacca (both in Malaysia: Penang is about a hour's flight away, Malacca required a five-hour drive), as well as many museums, parks, play gyms and various attractions. Perhaps more importantly, your Grammie and Pa came to visit! Little R recognized them at once, and bonded immediately to the point that she would cry if either left the room. She was happy to spend time with them solo (though during this period we didn't yet take full advantage).

Changes included:
--yet more talking, including some simple phrases ("What's this?" and "Look at that" for instance). There may be others, but not as consistently.
--learning how to take off first her shoes, then her clothes, then her diaper (one episode involved a poopy diaper while supposedly napping: not a good surprise).
--climbing all over everything: the couch, the stroller, stairs, up slides the wrong way, tables, etc. Along with the climbing is the ability to clamber/lift herself up to reach high objects (like things on tables). There was another round of childproofing.
--the ability to go for long walks (the stamina is always there, but the desire to go where I want her to is frequently absent). Nonetheless, she did walk all over Malaysia and Singapore on her own two feet at times.
--learning to drink from a straw. Now she can drink everything we can, without the mess a cup involves or the sippy cup solution.
--consistently taking one nap a day.
--tantrums. She wants her way, and she wants it NOW. When this doesn't happen, feelings of intense anger and frustration overwhelm her, and she starts tantruming. It's really not that bad so far, however, because R is a naturally good-tempered baby, and they resolve themselves quickly. I try to help her identify her feelings ('You are feeling so angry") and regain control of herself (which often combines hugging with physical removal from the area/object in question). This has helped so far.
--great interest in other children, including sometimes aggressive behavior towards them (she has thought about biting them once or twice, but thought better of it due to supervision; pushing and slapping has occurred though).
--more interest in animals, especially dogs.

Nicknames: Fur, ZiZi, Furble, Wiggleworm, Wigglesticks
Temperament: Happy, curious, very active, willful
Things I Could Do Without: You have learned to throw tantrums! There's the going-limp-like-a-noodle variety, the thrashing and screaming incoherently variety, and the angry throwing things and attacking others variety. None are appealing, though so far they are pretty brief.
Item/Toy We Love the Most: Your shoes, because then you can transport yourself. They double as a convenient toy when you're bored (since now you can take them off and play with them). Also you will come running when I tell you it's time to put them on, which is really cute.
Item/Toy You Love the MostStill your books. You love reading them, either by yourself or with us. You even insist on taking them with you when you anticipate dullness (during diaper changes or in the stroller, for instance).
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: The beginnings of imaginative play ("talking" on the toy cell phone, having "conversations" with your animals, pretending to drink or eat, etc.); the way you come running up to me and give me a huge hug; your attempts at speech; that you are finally down to just one nap!!
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Putting things in containers (you are obsessed), climbing on everything; stairs; getting your way
Foods You Like: Cheerios, baked beans, anything sweet (peas, fruit, corn, bbq pork, candy), bread, mushrooms, noodles
Sounds/Words: Dada, mama, no, okay, oh wow!, look at that, what's this?, teeth, eyes, good (for food). You understand almost everything we say now, and can follow instructions pretty well.


  1. aww..she's so cute! ^^ I've been reading this book I just bought a 2nd-hand copy. So far it's a fun read, just thought you might be interested (if you read chick-lit at all?)

    1. I will see if the library has it here. I just went out to dinner with a mother exactly like this and it made me tense just to listen to her description of her life. It's funny how intense people get, and how hard it is not to get sucked in.

  2. Happy 15 months! P won't keep a hat on either!