Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little R Keeps Injuring Herself

Poor little R's head looks terrible
Little R being so active has had some ill effects.

Last week she suddenly bolted for the elevator door as it was opening (she was so excited to be going to the park!!!) and got her fingers stuck in the gap between the inner and outer doors. I had to force close the door to get them out. Of course she cried terribly; her fingers swelled up, and I was worried that she had broken them. That meant a trip to the emergency room as it was the weekend (she was totally fine, and the next day there was no evidence that the whole thing had ever taken place).

She loves opening drawers and playing with their contents. A few days ago she decided to mix it up by playing IN the drawer, so she climbed in and stood up inside. I didn't think this was a good idea, so I went to get her out. She saw me approaching, and tried to clamber out herself; instead, she tripped and fell out, cutting her shoulder and arm on the drawer's edge (it was a shallow cut not worthy of a doctor's visit).

Yesterday she managed to get our closed bedroom door open while I wasn't looking (her father was trying to sleep in), and full of glee at her successful break-in, began running around the room. She tripped and fell, hitting her head on the corner of a wooden chest. She wailed and screamed, and a huge goose egg on her forehead began to form, with a long, dark mark in the center (where the impact had occurred). B was worried because it was a head injury (he is very paranoid about possible brain damage), so we were off to the emergency room again.

The doctor told us that she was totally fine, and that while it looks horrible (and will look worse over the next couple days), there is nothing to worry about and nothing to do. So we went home. But little R seemed to be in some pain: she was fussy and only napped for 30 minutes (instead of her usual 1.5-2 hours). When she woke up, she was grumpy and wanted me to carry her everywhere. I gave her some Tylenol, and put her back to bed for another nap of two hours. After that, she seemed to feel much better.

Poor little wiggleworm.

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  1. omg. I am so scared about injuries, which, as my doctor and numerous other people pointed out, is what teaches toddlers about the world, pain, and boundaries. Me? I think I might go buy 500 mattresses and cover up every single hard surface in my home after reading this. not working.