Sunday, May 27, 2012

Little R Is Growing Up

R is growing into such a big girl; soon she will no longer merit the title 'little'. Here she is in one of our hotels in Hong Kong looking older than ever. (Sob sob). 

Actually I am really happy about this. She is much more interesting and full of personality now, and can do all sorts of fascinating things (including taking off her clothes and diaper, climbing on all the furniture, drinking out of a real cup, and quasi-talking; saying things like 'look at that!" or 'read this'). Yesterday she felt sad about something, so fetched her book about a sad duck (this one; it's super cute) and had me read it with her. We spent a long time (minutes! which for little R is an eternity) on the part where the duck starts to cheer up. This seemed to make her feel better as well, and by the end she was back to her cheerful usual self.

We went to a playdate on Thursday where one of the other (older) children was talking up a blue streak, and I am really looking forward to that stage. That child was 22 months but is very advanced; I will probably have to wait a year+ for the same. Even R's current glimmerings of meaning and sense are exciting to me though!

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  1. She really does look so big! But so adorable. i love her hair!