Monday, June 4, 2012

Can't Stop Me Now

R is on the move! Walking all over multiple countries, running, standing on tiptoes, climbing on and up everything...she's a busy little person.

I often don't even bother to take the stroller when we go out (our museum visit on Sunday was entirely stroller-free, for instance), because she's perfectly capable of transporting herself.

The stroller's main function is now one of containment: as in, a portable baby prison. R is highly mobile, but has no sense whatsoever (and thus could bolt into traffic at any time). At the same time, she is not good at following directions. She understands them 90% of the time, but actually doing as we desire is a whole separate issue. So the stroller is important if I don't have both hands free, or will be in heavy traffic/crowded conditions.

Not surprisingly R detests the stroller and screams with rage whenever I put her in it. It cramps her style. Here she is doing what she likes best, running around, throwing toys on the floor, "talking" to herself and generally causing havoc (all those objects ended up on the floor in less than two minutes of work).


  1. we're dealing with the baby containment issues here too. P only wants to walk, but her attention span is super short so she starts looking around and ends up falling which makes me all stressed out. But putting her back in the stroller is a fight of a LIFETIME. you would think that we just cut a limb off or something she yells so loud.

  2. I'm really dreading the stroller fights! It's so easy to go on walks right now (on our terms)- hopefully she gets to be efficient at walking places like R.

  3. Wait till you get her one of these balance bikes ..ha.ha.. The little girl I took care of got one two years ago when she was almost 3 and my heart would stop whenver we went out.i could not keep up. I even ran and the walk from the house to the park had a couple of small streets we had to cross. Oh well, at least she stopped to look for cars (but when she was not in a mood she just speeded up!)
    Tots will be tots :-)