Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playing Computer Games

Our big computer broke (we are ridiculous so also have three laptops, plus B's computer at work), and B was very sad as it's his favorite possession (being electronic and good for both work--running Stata etc. and pleasure-- Bitcoin stuff and computer games). Computers are really, really expensive in Singapore (the US has by far the cheapest computers, oddly enough: they even cost significantly more in China), so he was reluctant to buy a new one. Instead, B figured out what the problem was (the power source melted and destroyed the motherboard as well), bought a bunch of new parts at the discount computer parts mall, and rebuilt it.

After the computer was fixed, I cleared out his office (for an overall fresh start) and rediscovered my new obsession: Dragon Age. We bought this series when I was pregnant (thus sleeping constantly=no time to play) and then when little R was a small infant (thus I still had no time), so it's been really fun finally getting a chance to use it. Especially on the zippy new computer: B installed an extra hard drive or something like that (I am pretty tech stupid) so it's super fast now.

B likes computer games too, but he prefers ones that require intense mental effort and air-tight strategic plans, that are really hard (so that you fail at least half the time). I dislike anything strategic (I don't want to have to think about how to arrange my troops, so boring: I can't even stand reading about it) or difficult (so discouraging to lose over and over). I like to have my character go around completing multiple small non-violent tasks (like returning shawls, reuniting separated families, or fetching herbs), and then spending a lot of time organizing my inventory of items.

So basically in my computer fantasy life I want to run errands and clean out the cupboards. I wonder if this is common for women, or if I'm just freaky?


  1. Haha- I always loved the Sims and games like that so I totally understand. My husband is always like "I don't even like to clean in real life, why would I ever want to spend time doing it for a game?". Is this Dragon Age game like that, though? I always liked the Nancy Drew games for this reason- easy little tasks and puzzles to figure out.

  2. I am totally the same! I like non-violent tasks and interesting story lines. So I tend to play Final Fantasy games and such. Dragon Age sounds fun!