Thursday, July 19, 2012

Army Museum of Singapore

Outside the Army Museum
A while ago R and I went to the Army Museum. We only went there thanks to my goal of visiting every museum in Singapore, because my interest in 1) armies and 2) Singaporean government propaganda is basically nil.

Appreciating the lake
The museum is not that great for adults (the exhibits suffer from the government propaganda angle). Also, to be honest the subject matter is not very riveting: Singapore has been a country for less than 50 years, so there isn't really any army history to learn about, and it's a very small country, meaning the army is relatively insignificant.
Driving the tank
However, it's very child friendly. They had all sorts of child-oriented interactives, including small motorized tanks to ride on (a little too complicated for R, but she still liked it), dolls to dress in magnetic army uniforms, a very impressive sound/light/video multimedia display (this might scare some sensitive children: R is pretty fearless so was just enthralled), and an outdoor obstacle course based on those used by soldiers in basic training. 
She loved this although she couldn't figure out the steering
Any families with military-interested children aged 4-12 or so (most boys of this age, in other words) would have a good time here.
Magnetic army doll
It's conveniently located next to another museum (the Singapore Discovery Centre) and a small park with a lake and paddleboats, so could be a whole family outing for older children. I would say it's worth a trip if you live in Singapore and have children of the right age; otherwise, give it a miss.
R on the obstacle course: she insisted on climbing everything, of course

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