Saturday, July 21, 2012

R Loves Cookies

For a long time R didn't really like "junk food". In fact, she cried the first time she ate ice cream (too cold). But as she grew up and gained experience, she discovered that it really is delicious.
Mmm...cookie haze
Most of the food she eats is relatively healthy. But since I eat regular sweets (because I'm a sugar fiend), she does too: maybe every other day? She especially likes gummy candy (which is my very favorite), and now I can't eat it around her because she demands some and gobbles it so quickly that I end up getting very little myself.
She's got a piece in hand, but wants to make sure all the cookie is secured
On my birthday I couldn't have cake (due to my stupid milk allergy) so I bought R a cookie instead, to live vicariously (the cake pieces were way too big for a baby to eat by herself). She loved it! It was really cute watching her. I'm glad she isn't allergic!
Oooh, I am so full of cookie. Can't believe I ate the whole thing!

1 comment:

  1. she is so adorable. I love the last pic.

    P is still not into things like that...weird kid. And we never have sweets around the house because i'm not big into them and my husband would (a does) eat everything in 1 sitting.