Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goal Progress in 2012, So Far

Back in the day I had a whole list of self improvement goals I was going to work on. Then various things popped up, I lost motivation/focus, and somehow it's the middle of July already!

Let's review:
I made a list of goals for this year, divided by month.

So far these are the ones I've accomplished (through July):
Day Trip to Pulau Ubin
Complete photo album of little R's first year
See a doctor for my heartburn
Hire a professional to do our taxes
Have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel
Take swim classes with little R
Save $30,000 as a backup fund for emergencies etc
Go on a beach vacation with little R

I also did these (not yet scheduled):
Get antique scroll rematted
Take a river cruise
Take a music class with little R (in progress)

I did NOT:
Exercise five days a week for a month (Big fail on this one)
Give up all caffeine for two weeks
Send family cards via mail
Buy life insurance for B (I know, awful)
Lose 15 pounds (I'm still hovering around 127)
Overnight trip for anniversary (logistically not possible, will have to wait until December)
Work my way through beginning Mandarin (Book 1)
Visit a financial planner
Help my cousin visit me in Singapore (she is now not interested, so not currently possible)
Buy myself a pearl necklace

Pretty mixed results. The good news is, with the exception of the italicized goals above, I can still get everything done if I am just willing to put in the effort. I have 11 days left in July, so let's see what kind of progress I can make!

As a good start, I exercised yesterday and today (which is a huge deal, given my laziness over the last few months).

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