Friday, September 14, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: KLCC

Our hotel was a 10 minute walk from the center of Kuala Lumpur. At least with a baby--I think it would be shorter if you weren't burdened. KL, for all its charms, is completely non-stroller-friendly. 
R and me in front of the Petronas Towers
The city's most famous attraction is the Petronas Towers, the world's tallest twin skyscrapers (and once the tallest building in the world). Naturally I wanted to see them, so we went there first.
Another view of the towers
The towers are surrounded by a park (which includes a children's playground, water park, artificial lake, etc) and a number of buildings, including a swanky mall (we did not go here as R's tolerance for shopping is basically nil). There's also an aquarium, which we did visit as it was initially raining when we arrived.
R strolling along; she likes being free to roam
I was a bit dubious about the aquarium, what with it being in a shopping mall and everything, but actually it was great. The exhibits were clean and well-cared for, the signage was educational and in English, and there was a wide variety of animals (otters, seahorses, coatimundi, octopi, pirahnas). 
You could crawl underneath the otter exhibit to see them from below, which is what R is doing here
Touch pool
R refused to touch the animals and made disgusted faces when I suggested it
The bigger kids liked it though!
R checking out the piranhas: I didn't realize they are sparkly, just like Twilight's vampires!
Moon jellies
Naturally R made a friend: luckily for introverted me his family didn't speak English (tourists from the Middle East?)
The best part was the 300 foot transparent underwater tunnel. Visitors could ride a moving walkway while watching the impressively big ocean-dwellers swim by (including tiger sharks, giant stingrays, puffer fish and turtles). R loved it so much we went through three times. 
R obsessed with the walkway
Such a cool view: I loved it too!
Puffer fish! (I think)
The park and the aquarium are a great family-friendly destination, but I think even those without children would enjoy a visit (especially if they like shopping!). I definitely plan to go back at some point!
R is fascinated by all the fish

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