Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby in a Bucket

Enjoying some Tintin: I am a little sad Tacitus is rejected
R loves containers (and putting things in containers). Before we go anywhere, she likes to scurry around packing up the bag (either one of her own bags, or putting things in mine). I often stumble across things that she's stashed away when cleaning (like a variety of blocks, earbuds, a bottle cap and a crayon stashed in her father's work bag yesterday).
Her hair is wet because she just got out of the pool
 She also loves putting herself in containers. Here she is in one of her favorite locations: the mop bucket. She gets it out of its usual home in the "maid's" bathroom, drags it into the living room (difficult as it's quite bulky), and then just chills there.

Not sure if she's pretending to read to herself or giving a running commentary on Tintin in this video. Either way it's cute.


  1. that's too funny! P hasn't gotten into this yet lol

  2. That is too cute! She looks like she's really studying the book carefully.