Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tea at Raffles

One of my favorite special treats is to go to afternoon tea. This is where you go to a fancy tearoom and feast on an elaborate meal of small, bite-size treats, along with black tea. The food varies a bit, but usually includes scones (with Devonshire cream), tiny sandwiches with the crust cut off (cucumber, ham, chicken, salmon, etc), and small pastries and cakes. All of it is served on a multi-tiered tray.
Should have taken a picture BEFORE I ate everything, but I was greedy and impatient
It's all very civilized. Soft, classical music plays in the background, you eat off nice china and a white tablecloth, attentive waiters subtly refill your teapot and tray snacks, and everyone chats quietly. This is the perfect activity to do when enjoying my own company (B hates this kind of thing) and I find it really relaxing to take a book with me to indulge in a few hours of my favorite things: reading, caffeine and lots of sugar. 
I went most recently to the Raffles Hotel (Singapore's most famous hotel, and a bastion of quasi colonialism). The food was really good, and the live classical harpist was a nice touch. Afterwards I wandered around the hotel and grounds (you aren't generally allowed inside the main hotel unless you are a guest, so tea is a good opportunity to explore). 
Main lobby: the staff wear traditional maid outfits (black dress with white apron and cuffs). 
 Afternoon tea is very popular in Singapore (since it combines food and snob appeal), so I have many other options to try. Exciting!


  1. This sounds so lovely. I try to get some me-time, but it usually involves letting Ginny roam the backyard while I read or knit. I can see her but there is so much to do and explore that it is "almost" alone time.

    1. Now I wish we had a backyard! The park is nice but has no walls...